Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life As I know It.

So I’ve been in college now for about week and a day and in all honesty just like I’m going to assume a lot of new freshman are I miss home a lot. At the same time I’m all excited and what not to be away from home and not having to tell my parents what I am doing every minuet of everyday, but I almost kind of miss that too. Wait, not really. I miss my parents and my sister, a few select friends who actually really care about me and I really miss my animals!

This is Sparkle my pretty lady, who I miss very much!


However, I am really looking forward to all the OS equestrian team stuff to get started! I am so ready to be riding a lot and to be apart of a team again. I miss playing soccer and being with all my soccer girls mucho.

Note: So I understand that lately all of my pictures that I have been posting are super crappy, this is all due to the fact that I am using my Blackberry to take pictures with lately. I did get a new digital camera before coming to school, however I still don’t have a memory card quite yet. As soon as I do I will be posting more pictures of around campus and of my dorm room! Which still isn’t finished being decorated yet! We haven’t had time to go shopping for a few things yet, but hopefully soon!!


If your one of my close friends reading this blog back home, know that I miss you all very much! Especially Jordan, Deidre, Kember, and all my other friends who went off to different schools who I won’t see till break!

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