Thursday, September 2, 2010

Girl Crushes.

After watching 500 Days of Summer I decided I should make a list of all my girl crushes. Do guys have guy crushes? To me a girl crush is not a girl that ya know… In elementary school terms “like, like that”. Its a girl who I find beautiful, dresses well, is an amazing actress (or is wonderful at whatever it is that she is doing), and is just someone I wouldn’t mind trading shoes with for a day.

So first and foremost Zooey Deschanel.


She is just to adorable, I love her hair! Her bangs are always so perfectly placed and she just looks so flawless while remaining so simple looking and of course it wasn’t enough to be beautiful, she had to be an amazing actress and a wonderful singer as well. I love how unique her voice is. If I could honestly trade faces with anyone it would be her. That’s not weird, right?

Moving on.. Dita Von Teese.


She is just so classically beautiful! She’s one of the reasons why I always try to remain pale and fell in love with red lipstick. Amongst my goals of learning how to sew, play guitar and learn how to knit, it is how to get that 60’s-esque hair style!

Kat Von D


One of the things my father always likes to say about people with lots of piercings and tattoos is that they don’t know who they are and that they are trying to create some false sense of identity through their tattoos. And while I don’t believe this at all for the most part, I’m sure it maybe true for some people. One of the things I really like about Kat Von D is that she gives off this vibe of really knowing who she is. For instance she is not the thinnest girl around, fat no, skinniest not exactly, but she wears whatever she wants and she just beams with confidence. A trait I wish I had.


So these are my top 3 girl crushes! Do you have any girl crushes whom you look up to for some reason or just think they are gorgeous? And back to my other question do guys have guy crushes? And who?

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