Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheap Chic. Batman Ballet Flats.

I got this idea off of a how-to and just had to make a pair of my own!

Here’s everything I used:

1. Mod Podge $5.99 from Michael’s

2. Ballet Flats $12.99 from Target

3. Scissors

4. Small paint brush

5. Batman Comic Book $1 at a Flash Back vintage-esque store in Seaside, Oregon

Step 1.

First round all of your items together! I posted a picture of everything I used and lay down some sort of surface if you are making your wondrous shoes on your mothers new table cloth!

Step 2.

Start cutting out images from the comic books you choose and I recommend cutting out "scenes" from the comic books to lay down on the shoes first. Scenes take up more space than you can put character pictures or sayings or whatever you like over that. Its just to make sure you have a good base.

Step 3.

Next take your comic pieces one at a time and place it on a spot on your shoe to see if it fits in the spot well. ( I recommend working from the heel forward).

Step 4.

Take your brush and brush a good layer of Mod Podge onto the the piece you are going to stick onto your shoe. I found that you can't really have to much on the comic piece, it will just make it easier to bend to the shape of the shoe. Continue with this step until you have covered the whole shoe.

Step 5.

After all of your pieces have been put on, ask yourself: "Do I want to layer more pieces over the base of the shoe?" Your answer is yes, the "Kaboom, Klik, and Attack!" Pieces look great scattered randomly as do any other pieces you want to add.

Step 6.

Brush a layer of Mod Podge over the entire shoe to seal it. Let it dry for 15-20minuets per layer. Repeat this step at least two more times.

Step 7.

After your shoes are dry, wear them and let all of your friends be jealous, let your guy friends think you actually read comic books, and if you really do, your even cooler in my book! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Home!!

This weekend was START at Oregon State for Kayla, our other roommate Emrey (who we are so happy isn’t weird in a bad way, in fact she might be our long lost sister..), and myself. All mommas present of course, as well as Emrey’s little sister who seemed to be a pretty alright little lady too. We had a lot of fun roaming around campus, cracking jokes of all nature, and enjoying the sunshine!

We definitely have a lot of things to look forward to between now and actually moving in! Move in date being September 19th! And we have already made many, many plans. Room decorating near the top of the list, baking&cooking, adventuring and narrowing down the list of clubs we want to do! We signed up for information from the rugby club, soccer club, IHSA, and the outdoor club (many, many pictures will be taken if I so choose to do the outdoor club and will be posted in all possible places that my father can see them!)

I have lots and lots of lists I need to make so I am going to get on that! My student ID card picture looks like poo… All, in all this weekend was really wonderful and I can’t wait for the three of us to get back to OS to start our adventure!

I really, really want this apron for cooking in! Only I see myself actually wearing it normally lounging around as well. Shouldn’t be a problem :)

Apron courtesy of



Friday, July 16, 2010

Anything That Glitters-V.I

Since I am looking to take this blog to new heights, I am going to begin to add “Feature” posts to the blog. Anything That Glitters is a fantasy segment of this blog, we might not be able to afford it but, hey! Even girls on a budget can have something to save up for and dream about! This segment will focus on… Well you guessed it! Anything that glitters, and what is more glitzy than Tarina Tarantino’s line of handmade jewelry? This week we are focusing on the creations straight from the Sparkle Factory that all of us fashionista’s are dying to have!




Mrs.Flintstone approves!










Of course it is needs to be topped off with a flower, or better yet a whole garden of flowers in your hair.

I feel like the Electric Aztec line is one of Tarantino’s most creative and unique lines she has ever came out with. It’s got just enough edge with just enough glamour to be casual or dressed up. I love the post earrings, I’d probably wear both pairs of earrings together!

Which piece is your favorite?

All items can be found at

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Flys When Your Having Fun?

I find that as the summer progresses and college is getting closer and closer, I find myself yearning for a later time. I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do, or there are enough hours in the day and I am just lazy, or it could be a little of both. This summer it feels like has been hardly eventful.

I want to take more pictures of beautiful things, beautiful people. I want to create and make something, several somethings. I want to make this blog more meaningful, more helpful, and more insightful. Which of course would require more followers than what it currently has. Up until this point I feel like my efforts have been half-butt(ed) (I am refraining from foul language in an attempt to better myself). Well I am here to say that I am going to try to make this something more, whatever that “something” is, I hope to soon discover.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Scrapbook Clothes.




116 This is MICHAEL VAN DER HAM AUTUMN/WINTER 2010 collection. I am so in love with the cut and paste look of these dresses. The last picture is beyond my favorite look. The only thing I am not to big on is how the models have their hair and make-up styled.To view the rest of the collection go here

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Backyardigans.








My sister and I wanted to take pictures, but were to lazy to drive anywhere. So these pictures were taken around my backyard. I hope to be taking lots of pictures of lots of lovely people over the next few weeks.

1. Jumper-Rue 21 2. Necklace- Rue 21 3. 4. Shoes- Forever 21 5. Hat- Dance Costume 6. Sunglasses- Thrift Store 7. Belt- Thrift Store

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday America…

Kind of, but not really. On Friday (as in yesterday) Kayla and I traveled to the land of Columbia Center Mall to attend their Miss. Tri-Cities fashion show dealio. Super ridunkulous. I was hoping it would at the very least be a good oppertunity to take pictures of tacky looking girls wearing awful clothing. While this was partially true, the girls did look tacky, they were all like age 12 and under and their parents crowded the stage and made picture taking impossible. Sooo no real big loss on that one.


I’m going to go watch me some fireworks tonight, hopefully that is.

Gap Press is an AMAZINGGGGG fashion magazine published in Japan and has English translations in it. The last time I was at Barnes & Noble I really really really wanted to get it, but I had Kayla’s voice whispering loudly into my ears “Do you really need a $30 magazine?” So I didn’t get it… and the very metro-y guy who works there over heard our conversation, and when I didn’t purchase it said “Well you must not have very good taste in fashion if you didn’t buy it.” That comment rather hurt my feelings. :(

I purchased i-D magazine instead, I can live with spending $10.99 a little better than $29.99 and so far I am nothing but impressed with this magazine. Amazing photography, interviews, and stylists grace i-D’s rather larger than usual pages. I can’t wait to finish reading it all the way through!

I need to do more DIY projects.



ohhh, awww, Crush!

Ohhhh Kotin Michael I think you are my lookbook, blogger crush. It's true...
Check out his adorableness here:
No, not stalking, merely admiring God's handy work :)

Story of my life....

Badass huh?
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