Monday, September 13, 2010

My Thoughts On… The MTV Video Music Awards.

I think that in order to really put your name in from of the words “Video Music Awards”, your channel should really show music videos. Not marathons of Teen Mom, and why are most of the “Teen Moms” from Ohio? Are there no pregnant girls in Oregon? Anyways…

To me the VMA’s were a night of awkwardness, oddities, and poor fashion choices. The best fashion of the night I would say goes to Lady Gaga of course, and her thanks to the late Alexander McQueen was touching, where will her awesome shoes come from now with him gone?




If I could only see the top of Lady Gaga’s head in a swimming pool, I’d think some new breed of odd shark was coming to eat me…


I’m not to sure about my feelings about this meat dress, I feel like its like a serial killers fantasy or something like that,. but I’m really excited by the fact that Cher is in this picture, her hair looks wonderful!


Personally I thought the best performance of the night went to B. o B, and Hayley Williams, Airplanes is a beautiful song and both singers were actually into the performance. Unlike Rhianna and Eminem, Rhianna stood there awkwardly like a Zombie in a dooms day inspired outfit with bright pink hair, she looked like my gaming character from Fallout 3. While I love Eminem, Rhianna made the performance painful to watch and it got even more awkward with their very staged back to back ending that made you think you were watching a 5th grade talent show.





I adored Katy Perry’s dress and love her new “rainbow” hair, I’m thinking that upon moving to college I should try this :)

While some things about the night were rather ok, some rather awhile, others were rather pathetic, Taylor Swift’s forgiveness song to Kanye West was rather pathetic and Kanye West’s ending performance left this viewer wondering why the hell they would allow for Kanye to wrap the show up, when the few other good performers could’ve ended the show with a bang. Instead we all just turned off our television sets when Kanye took the stage. Way to keep viewers engaged MTV.

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