Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogger Awards

So one of my new favorite, everyday, down to earth type bloggers Tarleton West gave me the Versatile Blogger award! I’m not to sure what I did to deserve it, but it made me smile all the same to see someone that I don’t really know was interested in my blog!


The requirements upon receiving the award was that you have to write seven things about yourself and then pass on the award to seven other people! Sooo here we go!

  1. I live in Oregon, and for the most part I really love Oregon!
  2. I live to ride and show my horses, I love my Arabians :)
  3. My favorite color is red!
  4. I’ll be attending Oregon State this fall!
  5. I love Italian food and Chinese food.
  6. I have a clothing obsession.
  7. I have growing collection of fashion magazines.
  8. I love love love to bake!!
  9. I love roaming around aimlessly.
  10. I like to do all sorts of DIY projects!   


Now to pick seven bloggers!

I could only think of Five people I guess that means I fail. Oh well. Hopefully these people see my new blog posts so they see that they won!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you!! You are too sweet!

    We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy writing it! If you ever want to be a guest blogger let us know! We would love to have you!


  2. I would love to guest blog I'm just not to sure what I would blog about that has to do with Bravo television! I guess I'd have to sit down and really think about what I watch thats on that channel! Do you have any suggestions? I'd be willing to do a guest blogger swap if you'd like!


  3. Perfect! Okay-it's real easy! Just pick a show on Bravo that you watch or would like to watch and blog about it! haha-so like if you want to watch an episode of Rachel Zoe, there's a new one next Tuesday. Or if you like any of the real housewife shows, feel free to blog about it! There are so many of them and they are always on. It would even be neat if you watched one of the shows and talked about what they are wearing since you are all about fashion! It would be totally different from what we usually do. Just an idea! Really anything you would like to blog about that is in someway Bravo related, go for it!

    and we would totally love to do a blogger swap!

  4. I'll start working on something and get back to you guys with it soon. :)