Monday, August 2, 2010


After watching this video would you have guessed that it was about denim jeans? All the designs by the brand Resin are really amazing. I would love to own several pairs of their skinny jeans. Unfortunately, I am sure they are far out of the budget that I usually give myself when buying jeans.

After picking up this months issue of NYLON-The Denim Issue, I decided to blog about some of the new jeans that are coming out, that I really really like, but won’t be able to afford. A girl can always dream, right?


Volcom is teaming up with Jennifer Herrema to make 13 pairs of absolutely destroyed looking pants for the Fall/Holiday season. Only 300 pairs will be sold in stores across the  nation and I hope to find one of these pairs of pants! However the pants in this picture are not one of the 13.

serve $75- American Apparel








I LOVE Levi’s 501!

Jeans,jeans, jeans. I never have enough of them it seems.

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