Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 Simple Goals.


In roughly 36(ish) days I’ll be leaving for Oregon State, in Corvallis, OR. Besides being beyond excited and slowly starting to get things done, I am going to set 4 simple goals for myself. I’ve been inspired by the challenge from the  A Beautiful Mess blog. Only instead trying to make my goals by 2011, I want to make them within in 36 days, before I leave.

1. Work on getting my beautiful horse Sparkle back into shape. Sparkle really is one of the most beautiful (compact, stock looking) Arabians I have ever seen, and when they say horses are like their owners, well she is just like me. She knows what she wants to do and how she wants to do it, only I need to make this about what I want to do and how I want to do it.

2. Start packing up my room to move. I still haven’t started getting really anything together to move to Corvallis next month. I still need to weed through all of my clothes and figure out what I really need and what I don’t!

3. Connect with friends I haven’t been seeing as much. It’s really sad, but I’ve really fallen out with quite a few people who use to be really close friends over the last couple of years and I don’t really want to leave yet without making things better with them. As good as I am with pretending like nothing is wrong I hate not being on the best of terms with people. I feel like this is really important and needs to be done, or I’ll have that little voice in the back of my head nagging me for quite awhile.

4. Finish projects that I have started. I have quite a few crafty projects that I really need to finish, most of which have already been started! I still have another pair of shoes to finish decoupaging, a necklace with expensive beads waiting to be strung, a sewing machine that still hasn’t been used, and lots of other stuff!

Part of the challenge was to pick a reward for yourself for the end of each of your goals. Well, they all have pretty easy to pick rewards. For goal 1 I’ll have a horse less resistant, goal 2 a clean and organized room as well as being ready to move! Goal 3 hopefully will leave me on better terms with old friends and goal 4 will give me some wonderful stuff that I made myself!

I’ll be posting updates as I achieve my goals.

To do the 4 Simple Goals challenge for yourself click on the A Beautiful Mess wordage to be hyperlinked to the page.


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