Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dorm Room Bliss.

To soon many of us will be leaving the comforted lives we lead living at home, where are meals are made for us, the…the… Well I would say laundry is done for us, rooms are kept clean for us, cars are washed for us (even though my dad does this for me sometimes!), and I m sure there are lots of other things we do for ourselves that we think our parents should be doing for us on this list, but the point is we will soon be leaving the comfort of our much larger homes and better yet our own personable space granted to us by our parents “our bedrooms” and will be moving into dorm rooms. Often times these dorm rooms are way smaller than what we are use to and we have to share them with another person! Probably a stranger, maybe a friend, if your lucky. I m lucky of course, however roommate number two I still don’t know to well, but she seems pretty dandy. Anyways, here are some ideas for some awesome dorm rooms!


Oh the plainness… This is a room at George Town University.


Not a clue where this one is, but isn’t it awesome? I’d love for this to be mine! Except on my depressing “emo days” I feel like the brightness of this room would bring me down even more.


Again I don’t know where this is, but this looks more like something I’d actually do, lots of stuff and all in different colors. More me.


Yeah… None of the schools I’ve looked at have had rooms this big… This can’t be a dorm, can it?


If only all dorm rooms looked like IKEA show rooms… Right? If anything these pictures give good ideas for decorating our future "”jail cells.”

For me this one really wins! I love the vintage-floral print bed spread and the over complete look and feel of this room, I just don’t like the name’s on the wall. Are those in case they forget their names? Or their room mate’s name? Or for the guy from the one night stand to remember who he’s waking up next to? I guess I can see how these could be a good idea.


Very no bueno. I bet it smells like corn chips and my mom’s pug Hemi.



These beds look super comfy.



I love how this one’s use of storage and how it tries to hide the storage with the handing beads!

I think I’ll do a couple more dorm related blogs, talking about the most needed things and how to furnish your dorm room stylishly on a budget. Which of these is your favorite?


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  1. Wow! Some of those are kind of unrealistic, all a little bit on the nicer end. Those exist of course, but if you are going with the average price 2-3 people, there's less space than you think. Decorating is definitely hard! Especially when you are all of a sudden paying for absolutely being creative definitely helps. Be prepared to practice a LOT of patience and compromise, even if you know your roommate really well already.