Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ahhhh… I see introductions are in order.

I having just graduated from high school (on June, 5th 2010; to be exact), now find myself getting ready to head down the path to “higher education”. But (yes I know you can’t start a sentence with but, but it didn’t really fit with the last sentence and I just couldn’t see starting this sentence with any other word) before I jet off to Corvallis, Oregon to attend Oregon State in the fall, I have one very important task. Survive Summer.

I’ve had a great love of fashion, photography, and different elements of design for a very long time. Everyone is doing it, EVERYONE. So I decided to do it to. Start a blog that is! A blog concerning my steps to getting to college, summer jobs L, my jedi training, and of course my love for fashion. I mean hey, everyone else was doing it, so I had to too!

Me in a nutshell:

I am Chandra Lynn Magnuson, part of the graduating class of Hermiston High School 2010, no honors, and one scholarship for $500 oh yeah… That will stretch far. I was so busy with extra-curricular activities( Speech and Debate, FFA, High School Equestrian Team, ASB Leadership, Environmental Club, 4-H, and Soccer) in school that my GPA tended to slip occasionally. I let me love of fashion consume me throughout school, I never let the current trend or the “mall dwellers” get the best of me. Staying true to myself was and is my most important priority. I love vintage, and a lot of alternative styles and I try to mix things up a lot!

Soooo before this turns into a novel I’ll drop the bomb that I got a summer job working at Sears for $9.00 an hour plus commission, and no its not selling clothes all day…


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