Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Flys When Your Having Fun?

I find that as the summer progresses and college is getting closer and closer, I find myself yearning for a later time. I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do, or there are enough hours in the day and I am just lazy, or it could be a little of both. This summer it feels like has been hardly eventful.

I want to take more pictures of beautiful things, beautiful people. I want to create and make something, several somethings. I want to make this blog more meaningful, more helpful, and more insightful. Which of course would require more followers than what it currently has. Up until this point I feel like my efforts have been half-butt(ed) (I am refraining from foul language in an attempt to better myself). Well I am here to say that I am going to try to make this something more, whatever that “something” is, I hope to soon discover.



  1. I can reeeallly relate to this. But the reason there aren't enough hours in the day, is because I sleep through most of them -.-'

  2. I had a friend who said something about how the hours of 1pm-2pm just completley dissapear from the day and when I sat and thought about it she was so right! Those 2 hours of the day just seem to go by so quickly! I wish I had time for a nap every now and then. I feel like I am constantly going, going, going. Thanks for commenting Emma B. and dont be afraid to follow the blog!