Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday America…

Kind of, but not really. On Friday (as in yesterday) Kayla and I traveled to the land of Columbia Center Mall to attend their Miss. Tri-Cities fashion show dealio. Super ridunkulous. I was hoping it would at the very least be a good oppertunity to take pictures of tacky looking girls wearing awful clothing. While this was partially true, the girls did look tacky, they were all like age 12 and under and their parents crowded the stage and made picture taking impossible. Sooo no real big loss on that one.


I’m going to go watch me some fireworks tonight, hopefully that is.

Gap Press is an AMAZINGGGGG fashion magazine published in Japan and has English translations in it. The last time I was at Barnes & Noble I really really really wanted to get it, but I had Kayla’s voice whispering loudly into my ears “Do you really need a $30 magazine?” So I didn’t get it… and the very metro-y guy who works there over heard our conversation, and when I didn’t purchase it said “Well you must not have very good taste in fashion if you didn’t buy it.” That comment rather hurt my feelings. :(

I purchased i-D magazine instead, I can live with spending $10.99 a little better than $29.99 and so far I am nothing but impressed with this magazine. Amazing photography, interviews, and stylists grace i-D’s rather larger than usual pages. I can’t wait to finish reading it all the way through!

I need to do more DIY projects.



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