Sunday, November 14, 2010

41 days to Christmas!

I’m feeling very festive lately, I’ve been loving going places and seeing Christmas decorations, and hearing Christmas music in all the stores. So I’ve started my Christmas countdown, there is exactly 41 days and if you count it from this exact moment (7:09pm) there is 2 hours and 51 minuets! I really want to decorate our dorm room for Christmas, so I thought I’d post up some inspirational pictures. :)



I love love love this cupcake Christmas ornament from


Our neighbors in our dorm a couple doors down have a pink Christmas tree up, I want this blue one.

christmas cookies

Christmas cookies! I am really excited to make Christmas cookies! I think I am going to cheat here pretty soon and just go buy pre-made sugar cookie dough, so I can decorate cookies.

While making this blog I pauses to look for Christmas counters and I found the Mickey and Minnie Mouse one I put at the top of the page. I know it honestly doesn’t go with the page at all but, I do love Mickey and Minnie, it makes me want to watch all the Once Upon A Christmas Disney movies. :) I think when I go home for Thanksgiving I’m going to have to grab all of my Disney Christmas movies and bring them back to my dorm to watch.



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  2. Thanks for stopping by! I feel you on the whole christmas vibe. I've been more into the holidays now than I have been in previous years. It's just something about all the lights, snow, sound and smells that are so special.

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